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What is Personal Program?

A personal program is an opportunity for each participant to live his own unique experience in Israel. With a personal program, each person gets to choose what activities to do and in what city to accomplish them. The possibilities are endless for those who want to live a significant experience in Israel within the framework of a long-term program. Another very convenient aspect of joining a personal program is that the participant is able to join at any time during the year, whenever it is most convenient for him. Within an independent framework, the participant can decide to do one activity during his 5 to 10 month program, or arrange several activities during his period in Israel, according to what he would like to achieve from his experience in Israel. Among the options, he can choose to study Hebrew and volunteer in a Kibbutz or live in the city and study, volunteer or internship in a recognized firm.
The participant may also decide to join a month and a half army program or a volunteer program with Magen David Adom. There is also the option of joining dance, cooking or music courses, combining it with Hebrew classes in an ulpan. Every participant receives living arrangements, medical insurance, Hebrew classes, volunteering, trips throughout the country, and cultural events like visits to museums, theater shows or seminars. . Maslul Ishi is open to young adults from all over the world between the ages of 18 to 30. 
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