Claire Motola-Mexico


My name is Claire Motola, I am 25 years old and I am from Mexico. I chose Maslul Ishi, for the special formula it has:  Choose what you want to do – And do it!  I had for a few years the desire to come to Israel and be in contact with my Jewish roots. Besides learning Hebrew I love to cook. Maslul Ishi found me a great Ulpan (Ulpan Gordon) in Tel Aviv, and cooking classes with amazing chefs, learning vocabulary while cooking.

I lived in the dorms close to Tel Aviv University. I volunteered as well in a center for the elderly. In my volunteer work I had an adopted ¨Grandmother¨ from Bulgaria who was 100 years old and a survivor from the Holocaust. She was bright and cheery and had a young heart.  Each week I would go to her house, and spend time together talking. We spoke in Spanish (she spoke Ladino, an acient Spanish from Bulgaria and Turkey) and a little Hebrew. Each time I learned more Hebrew from my Ulpan the more we understood each other in Hebrew. One of the most special things I experienced was the sense of Family. My adopted grandmother eventually adopted me into her family which was very nice. Amazingly I had the unforgettable experience to also find REAL family in Israel, that I did not know I had, and spend Pesach with them!

Besides the cultural events and excursions Maslul Ishi has, I had the opportunity to meet amazing people in my program from around the world that became part of my family in Israel. This program helps you to get away from the routine and adventure out in what you want to accomplish and also to Learn and Live the experience in Israel.  So go and live the adventure! Breathe, live and experience Israel to the fullest!