Fabiana Gampel Grinberg - Brazil

Participating in Maslul Ishi was one of the most significant experiences of my life. The semester I spent in Tel Aviv gave me experience, knowledge and good friends. I shaped my program in a way that in the morning I learned Hebrew at the Tel Aviv University, in the afternoon I would go to my internship and at night I'd take dance classes.
I finished "kitah bet" and experienced the great atmosphere of the university during my ulpan months, I went to museums, movie debates and concerts - all really close to my dorm! At my internship I met people from all over the world and had access to great documentary films! And of course, I learned a lot about working in a Fund. I dedicated my free time to my greatest hobby: dancing. I enrolled in 2 different studios one in the north and one in the south of Tel Aviv. I met amazing dancers and again, people from all over the world who just wanted to dance.
This experience was definetely a major positive change in the course of my life, I learned a lot now only from hebrew or dance classes nor from working in a documentary fund, but about life. Living in a place like Israel is a unique and very special experience, the place is so rich in culture, in diversity and in history, it's impossible not to feel touched by its energy.
I chose to be in Maslul Ishi so I could direct my activities in a way that they would meet my personal interests. I'm sure it was the best choice I could have made. I met new people who are now part of my life and I had unforgettable moments during my stay in Tel Aviv. Toda raba!